Tuesday, April 17, 2012

MUGa Heart Scan

The MUGa Scan was another scan where I was the radioactive one. The goal of this scan is to evaluate the condition of the heart. Before the scan started I was injected twice -- once with some sort of tin fluid and once with the actual radioactive stuff. For more details on the actual injections check out the Wikipedia article. Funny side note: the guy who gave me my first injection just happens to live in my building.

Again I had to lay on a table which moved up and into the scanning machine. The technician hooked me up to a bunch of electrodes. When he started the scan I just had to lay still, nothing to do, nowhere to go. I tried doing some relaxation breathing during the scan. I could see the read out of the electrodes, so I occasionally watched how my breath affected the reading.

Once the scan was over the technician was awesome enough to let me watch the video of my heart. All in all a very easy test with a bonus video at the end.

Test Ratings
Time Required [short, medium, long]:  short-medium (~45 minutes from arriving to leaving)
Pain Factor [0-10]:  1 (two small injections and a few adhesive electrodes)
Comfort Factor [0-10]:  9

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